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Slim Spurling's

Light-Life® Tools

for Personal and Environmental Healing

Welcome to Light-Life® Tools UK - Distributing Slim Spurling's creations

Slim moved on to the higher realms on 12th November 2007, he will be greatly missed by all those who knew him. He has left us great gifts in these Light Life Tools, that are helping to change the World for the better. His wife Katharina is carrying on his work.

A selection of the Light Life ToolsLike Slim Spurling's official web site in the USA , this too is dedicated to Personal and Environmental Wellness through recent discoveries made by scientists and ordinary people from all walks of life. Slim started his work with the Geobiology of Stress Reduction. This process resulted from forty years of combined research in microbiology, forestry and herbal nutrition along with diverse experience through the studies of metaphysics, the Far East and American Native Shamanism. A rich background in applied problem solving utilizing biologic knowledge, chemistry/physics, quantum physics, bio-feedback training, psychotronic research, and extensive study in learning-how-to-learn. And, the world's oldest personal growth approach... meditation.

He developed the Functional Art Forms of the Light-Life® Tools, as the Light-Life® Rings, the Acu-Vac Coils® and Feedback Loops® and the Harmonisers®, which support the work of Environmental clearing, Air pollution clearing, Energy balancing, Water improvement, Alternative agriculture methods, Insect control without sprays, Beneficial insect enhancement, Alternative health methods, Personal self-care, Computer radiation reduction, EMF pollution reduction, Personal life improvement as well as Business improvement. Slim's wife, Katharina, now supports a worldwide network with over 5,000 trained practitioners.

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