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In the Mind of a Master

In the Mind of a Master book coverby Susan Anderson

From his early beginnings back in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Slim’s life was quite a ride. This remarkable man was tuned into life in a whole different way. He was a walking, talking, living example of whatever it is about the “Pioneer Spirit” that we have lost touch with. Slim was also a visionary and a genius, who knew since he was a child that anything is possible.

“In the Mind of a Master” is the new book that replaces 'Slim Spurling's Universe". It will guide you in the applications of Slim's Tools in developing a deeper connection to life and truth. His Light-Life (tm) Harmonizers are known to raise conscious awareness allowing you to attain greater focus.

Comprehensive support for the shift mankind expects in 2012 and beyond is offered. Slim Spurling's Tools have been helpful to many people in improving their health, decreasing stress, reducing the necessity for chemicals in the home, calming severe weather and cleaning the environment.

An Introduction to the Light Life® Tools

Free of charge (only post & packing to pay).

Introduction to the Light Life Tools DVDAranya took the opportunity to interview Slim when he visited the UK in 2005 to run a weekend workshop. On this DVD, Slim talks a little about his discoveries & some of the different uses that the Light-Life® Tools can be put to. Alongside Slim's explanations are contributions from several workshop participants who had been using the Tools for some time. Their own experiences add to our understanding of the practical uses that the Tools can be put to & their sheer versatility. (approx 20 mins)

This DVD is PAL format and region-free and should play on all DVD players.

Slim Spurling's Universe

This is a double DVD set.

Slim Spurling's Universe double DVD setDVD One: Cal Garrison, author of the book 'Slim Spurling's Universe' talks to Slim about his discoveries and the different uses of the Light-Life® Tools. (approx 100 mins)

DVD Two: Starts with an introduction by Slim to the Sacred and Lost Cubit measurements upon which the Light-Life® Tools are based. He then does a demonstration of a healing session using the Tools, followed by a presentation on the theory behind the Rings, Coils and Harmonisers. There are also interviews with Cal Garrison and Katharina Spurling-Kaffl about their own experiences with the Tools. Finally Slim outlines the work of the Geobiology Research Association and the pollution clearing work they did around the city of Denver, Colorado. (approx 60 mins)

These DVDs are NTSC format and region-free and will play on European (Region 2) DVD players.

Dowse it Yourself

Dowse it yourself DVDOn this DVD Aranya teaches Slim's method for locating the main types of geopathic stress and demonstrates how to remove their effects from your home or workplace.

Using a real house case study, he demonstrates how to make your own dowsing rods, how to hold them and how to best frame your questions. Then he sets off to find four different types of geopathic stress, explaining their causes and how removing their influences can improve your health, realtionships, business and more.

This very practical DVD will inform and empower you to clear any geopathic stress from your own property.

Aranya also shares a simple technique to help you see the energy web that surrounds us and connects all things.

This DVD is PAL format and region-free and should play on all DVD players.

DVD replication and environmentally friendly packaging supplied by HDC Media.
(Outer packaging 100% recycled card. PaperFoam tray derived from renewable resources and is 100% biodegradable).


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