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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do The Tools Cost As Much As They Do?

This is an email Slim Spurling sent on March 15, 2007 to a customer concerned about the prices for the Harmonizers.

“Good Evening P

The Harmonizers require a 42-step process to construct.  They are carefully handcrafted by our finest craftspeople one at a time.  The measurements are to three decimal points of accuracy to ensure precise frequencies in each unit, which correspond to the natural frequency harmonics of the sacred cubit and the planet.

Since I cannot possibly produce all the Harmonizers needed to meet the expanding demand, we have had to train and employ high quality craftsmen to fulfill customer orders.  We pay a corresponding wage for the best craftsmen, and have the usual business expenses to deal with.  Metal prices have skyrocketed in the past year, along with the tripling and quadrupling of copper, silver, and gold – not to mention the 30% drop in the value of the dollar.  This has forced us to buy in larger quantities to ensure a sufficient supply of materials on hand.

The silver and gold plating are of the highest quality – 24 carat gold and .9999 fine silver.  These two precious metals add their own subtle healing frequencies, and have been found to increase the effectiveness of the Tools several times over.  This is a result of the thermocouple effect of joining dissimilar metals.

A thermocouple creates a small voltage which, given the design of the Tools as superconductors, takes that voltage and gives a 400X increase in amperage.  Amperage is the same as field density and range.

The Tools also act as transducers, converting the electrical energy to scalar or gravitational energy holographically throughout the entire energy field of the Tool.

Since our bodies, and those of all living things, are generated, controlled, maintained, and given life by subtle energy fields, we have emulated nature as closely as possible.  Those using the Tools attest to our results.

The Tools do not wear out.  They are not a consumable item, but more like heirlooms.  With reasonable care, they may pass down to several generations with no loss of function.  Their applications are legion in many areas of life.

Using a Harmonizer in the home benefits not only the owner, but also the neighborhood.  The environmental aspect includes cleaning up the local atmosphere for a spherical radius of  approximately 15 miles.

This is all incorporated in a unique, intellectual, property protected, solid-state device, elegant in its simplicity and astounding to those scientists who have tested them.

I hope you will forgive us for our pricing, as we strive to provide the longest lasting, functional product to enjoy for a lifetime.

A good used car will cost $5,000 or more and require constant maintenance and fuel to give reasonable service, while degrading the environment over its reasonably short lifetime.

Thanks for your inquiry and concern.


Slim Spurling”