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Agricultural Harmoniser

The "Harmonizer®" was developed experimentally from three "Rings" and a "Coil". Initially we sought to provide an art form, that would give relief from the "electro-smog" in the modern environment for those who are sensitive to that area of modern day pollution; it worked.

The extraordinary clairvoyants who joined in this early research easily defined the field radius at 100 foot- in all directions! With a 200 foot spherical "comfort zone" an Environmental Harmonizer® will nicely reduce the electro-smog discomfort in even a large home. Subsequent verification by "High-tech" electronics, "Low-tech" dowsing and direct observation has confirmed the original clairvoyants description of the spherical field.

In the Spring of 1994 we discovered that by applying specific sound frequency patterns from a close by set of earphones or a common "boom box" portable radio-cassette player the spherical radius of the field could be expanded to a 15 mile radius and the indoor and outdoor air in that radius smelled distinctly of the natural ozone produced by a mountain meadow in the Spring - for hours and even days.


A Harmonizer® just sitting in the room will reduce the effects of EMF on the body. Certain High frequencies of EMF, such as the radiation from a TV or computer monitor will cause the blood condition known as roule, or sticky blood. Other sources are the electrical transformers, which reduce voltage from the main line to the household power.

Using a CD player & headphones to energise the HarmonizerWhen activated with sound, by placing a pair of earphones or small speakers from a “walkman” or CD player with the Harmonizer® between them or in front of stereo speakers, the Harmonizer® energy field expands out to a radius of 15 to 65 miles. The audio/sound frequencies that we have carefully chosen are the molecular frequencies of very pure water.

This frequency driven energy field of the Harmonizer® then has a beneficial effect on waters, plants and animals within it’s range. The audio program may be operated 24/7 at low volume to eliminate or reduce air pollution and other toxins in the environment.

A Harmonizer® activated with sound increases the range of an Environmental Harmonizer® to about 15 miles radius & a Community Harmonizer® to about 65 miles radius. A CD (& a ring) comes with both of these sizes of Harmonizer®.

These applications are from Slim’s personal experience and have been duplicated in numerous field reports in his research group. He can't guarantee these results, and he would like to encourage you to find out for yourself.

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