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Light-Life® Rings

Light Life Rings A Functional Art Form based on the principle of sacred geometry measure; superconductivity, and harmonic frequencies of light.

Used to remove energetic blockages for healing in chiropractic, massage, homeopathic, Reiki, Jin Shin, Therapeutic Touch, water therapy and rejuvenation practices by professionals and lay practitioners.

It is an independent development of a discovery made in 1991 and recently found to have its roots in ancient Africa/Egypt, some 3000+ years ago (Interview with Credo Mutlaw, last of the Zulu tribal Scholar/Prophet/Holy Man/ Sangomas; May 2000, Johannesburg).

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Acu-Vac Coils®

Acu-Vac coil A Functional Art Form, based on the principles of the "Ring" with the addition of controlled polarity and flow. The "Coil" acts like a "Vacuum cleaner" for pain.

In skin contact or non-contact modes it has been demonstrated to achieve states of relaxation, in a few minutes as monitored by bio-feedback equipment, which would normally require weeks or months of training to achieve.

As an aid to meditation it may be applied to each chakra to cleanse and energize. The "suction" end first to cleanse for one minute and the "positive" output end for one minute to energize and balance. 

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Feedback Loops®

Feedback loop

Another configuration of the "Coil" with a controlled polarity flow. One part draws in "negative" energy while the other puts in "positive" energy at the point of pain or at the acupuncture points. Extreme accuracy is not required in locating the points. A very generalized "sweep" of the meridians can be quite beneficial in general or specific manifestations of tension.

The rate-of-flow of energy through the "Feedback Loop®" is like a high-pressure car wash wand than the garden hose flow through the "Coil".

Amplified effects occur when used with the "Coil" and "Ring".

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Agricultural Harmoniser

The "Harmonizer®" was developed experimentally from three "Rings" and a "Coil". Initially we sought to provide an art form, that would give relief from the "electro-smog" in the modern environment for those who are sensitive to that area of modern day pollution; it worked.

The extraordinary clairvoyants who joined in this early research easily defined the field radius at 100 foot- in all directions! With a 200 foot spherical "comfort zone" an Environmental Harmonizer® will nicely reduce the electro-smog discomfort in even a large home. Subsequent verification by "High-tech" electronics, "Low-tech" dowsing and direct observation has confirmed the original clairvoyants description of the spherical field.

In the Spring of 1994 we discovered that by applying specific sound frequency patterns from a close by set of earphones or a common "boom box" portable radio-cassette player the spherical radius of the field could be expanded to a 15 mile radius and the indoor and outdoor air in that radius smelled distinctly of the natural ozone produced by a mountain meadow in the Spring - for hours and even days.

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Nose Mask and other Tools

nose mask

The Nose Mask is designed to reduce breathing difficulties by ionizing the air that the wearer breathes in. Breathing through the mask can be compared to breathing in cool ocean air. Eye / Head / Horse Masks were inspired by the success of the Nose Mask.

What would appear to be monatomic copper is apparently produced by the superconducting ring construction of the Nose Mask. This is a likely explanation for the reduction of bacteria, virus and fungal infections. The Nose Mask is used to alleviate sinus problems, asthma, allergies, hay fever, or any type of respiratory ailment. In addition, head cold symptoms seem to disappear soon after using the Nose Mask. The Nose Mask comes in two sizes, one for adults and one for children, and can be worn for any length of time, or for as long as it takes to experience relief.

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New Dimension Tools

New dimension half cubit ring The New Dimension rings and tools take Slim's technology to a new level. They are formed of four strands of wire, each pair twisted separately, & then together. The result is much more powerful, so these rings are only for those who have already worked with the Light Life Tools for some time (even I experienced some nausea for the first half hour when the ND ring arrived - after four years selling the Tools!).

It seems that depending upon which end is directed towards the body, the energy flows differently. For instance held over the head, one either feels energy emerging upward like a tunnel or energy flowing into the body as if grounding the person using it.

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Beyond the Sky Rings

Beyond the Sky half cubit gold plated ring The Beyond the Sky (BTS) Light-Life® Ring is designed to revitalise the body and mind, enhance enlightenment, and expand awareness. The-life force energy that is brought into the body by the ring from the outside is heightened and intensified, and appears to revitalize all parts of the body by following the meridian channels. BTS Light-Life® Rings seem to heal not only physical wounds, but also mental and emotional scars, even from past lives.

The BTS Light-Life® Ring seems to increase a healer's affinity for work that needs to be addressed during sessions, as well as aiding in making the work quicker and more efficient.

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