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Acu-vac coils

Acu-Vac Coils®

Acu-Vac coil A Functional Art Form, based on the principles of the "Ring" with the addition of controlled polarity and flow. The "Coil" acts like a "Vacuum cleaner" for pain.

In skin contact or non-contact modes it has been demonstrated to achieve states of relaxation, in a few minutes as monitored by bio-feedback equipment, which would normally require weeks or months of training to achieve.

As an aid to meditation it may be applied to each chakra to cleanse and energize. The "suction" end first to cleanse for one minute and the "positive" output end for one minute to energize and balance. 

A few highly skilled and intuitive practitioners report cases of broken bones knit in as little as twenty minutes with the "Coil". Other lay practitioners report reduction of swelling and bone knitting in as little as 1 hour with a combination of "Coil", "Ring", "Feedback Loop®"and wet towel wrap under field conditions far from civilization. Chronic low back pain classically is relieved very significally in 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours in a session with the client standing.


The Acu-Vac Coil® is used primarily to remove “negative” energy from an area of pain in the body. By keeping the bead end of the coil furthest from the body a vacuuming effect is noted –sometimes the subject will report feeling a flow of “energy” out of the site. Slowly moving the coil further and further from the “pain” site works the best. The “pull” of the coil increases with distance, 20 to 30 feet away seems to be a practical limit, but distances out to a hundred feet or more have been utilized. Time may be substituted for distance. The strength of the pull seems to be in direct relationship to distance, unlike the inverse square law of electricity and magnetism.

Using the coil & feedback loop with a ring to potentize waterThe Coil is also used to remove “negative” energy from liquids and foods. Water becomes clearer and tastes better; using a Ring and a Coil together enhances the benefits of both tools, simultaneously removing “negative” and adding “positive”. Water will be ‘super’ – potentized after 12 hours in this ring configuration.

The Coil may also be held in the hand in the slipstream of an automobile traveling down the highway. With the bead to the rear, the Coil appears to clear the air ahead, much like Reich’s Cloud buster. In a similar fashion, A Coil laid on the transmission hump in a car seems to result in better mileage, according to one experimenter.

A Coil with the drawing or pulling end toward a heat source will remove heat from the source (painful areas are reported to feel cooler when the pain is gone.)

A large Coil suspended over crock-pots in Slim’s workshop prevented the temp from exceeding 180 deg. for three hours; normally they would boil in one hour. When the coil was reversed, the pots boiled in about 5 min.--- over 25 deg temp rise in that time.


Participants at the Bournemouth workshop practising a full session using a selection of ToolsThe time for a session with the coil will vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour or more. Usually, but not always, a sensation of coolness will appear in the original point or area of pain, when the process is finished. Other signs are very individual and will vary across the spectrum – from expressions of grief, anger, recall of injury events, laughter, to a state of “spacey-ness” or bliss. CAUTION! In the latter two, be sure the person has a designated driver, or can stay put for 12 to 24 hours without needing to travel by car. A feeling of omnipotence may prevail in which the individual may not recognize personal danger. It is best if they simply stay home and relax over night, over a weekend, or take good long walks.

  • The Coil is placed over the point of maximum pain – with the bead away from the body.
  • A slight circular motion helps to “couple” onto the pain, as does a slight, slow, in-and-out motion. Keep the Coil within ½ to 1 inch of the body to start. Remain close to the physical and within the etheric body, until the person reports a cessation of pain or “flow” of energy.
  • Holding the coil very lightly – like one would hold a hummingbird – the operator may sense a vibration, heaviness, very slight “magnetic” pull, heat, cold, or other sensation in his own hand, or in the coil, when the pain is “attached to” and “flowing”.
  • The clairvoyant “sees” a black smoky like material between the point of pain and the Coil. Call it “negative” energy.
  • As the person with the pain reports a change in his sensation of the pain or the energy flow in the original area (or others), begin to move the coil away from the body.
  • First stop, the astral body at 4” to 18” distance from the body, or when either subject or operator sense a change of state in the body or coil. Hold coil at that position until no more change is noted.
  • Next, move Coil past 18” and up to 4” or more from the body. Again, the exact distance to be determined by the sensitivity of the subject or operator. Distances up to 20’ are usual.

Acu-Vac Coils