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Feedback Loops

Feedback Loops®

Feedback loop

Another configuration of the "Coil" with a controlled polarity flow. One part draws in "negative" energy while the other puts in "positive" energy at the point of pain or at the acupuncture points. Extreme accuracy is not required in locating the points. A very generalized "sweep" of the meridians can be quite beneficial in general or specific manifestations of tension.

The rate-of-flow of energy through the "Feedback Loop®" is like a high-pressure car wash wand than the garden hose flow through the "Coil".

Amplified effects occur when used with the "Coil" and "Ring".


When addressing a point of pain – or more particularly a generalized area of pain such as commonly found across the shoulders or across the top of the pelvis – the Feedback Loop® may be used in conjunction with the Coil to aid in “breaking up” the “electronic ridge” usually associated with the pain.

  • Hold Loop in one hand, Coil in other, and slowly “sweep” across the pain area.
  • Start close to the body and gradually, over a period of 10 to 15 minutes, increase the distance of the units from the body – up to 15 to 20 feet.
  • This process is basically to be ad libbed – no formulas –any ritual – nothing carved in stone, at the discretion of the user and the subject. Verbal communication by user and subject is VERY OKAY, but not necessary.
  • The devices may be used solo by placing them on an even surface at pain level and slowly walking/inching away – or moving the body in any way that indicates.

There is tremendous degree of freedom to operate these devices. Do what works, follow intuition, and observe self/subject closely – to see and sense what is happening. Let the subject tell you what needs to be done.

A FINISHING TECHNIQUE that has been developed:

  • Participants at the Bournemouth workshop practising the full body scan techniqueLet the subject stand in the large Light-Life® Ring.
  • Hold Coil above the head/crown chakra to pull out any final bit of “negative” energy.
  • Slowly sweep up and down the torso with the Loop – up the back and down the front – making a complete circuit of the body with the sweep.
  • End by slowly lowering large ring down the length of the body and allowing subject to stand there quietly, eyes closed, as long as he/she desires to do so.

IT HAS BEEN RECENTLY DISCOVERED that all of the Light-Life® Tools exhibit the highest values of Paramagnetism ever seen in Nature. With a recorded value of 18,000 units of Paramagnetism, compared to 3000 units for the highest known natural substances. Paramagnetic soils grow the best crops and Paramagnetic substances promote health and rapid healing.

ANOTHER recent discovery is that when the feedback loop is directed at the Harmoniser® the energy suddenly changes from Paramagnetic to Diamagnetic. Just what the significance and application of this fact may be, is yet to be researched - should be interesting. Experimenters, please send in field reports and findings on any results you may get.

Feedback Loops