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New Dimension Rings

New Dimension Tools

New dimension half cubit ring The New Dimension rings and tools take Slim's technology to a new level. They are formed of four strands of wire, each pair twisted separately, & then together. The result is much more powerful, so these rings are only for those who have already worked with the Light Life Tools for some time (even I experienced some nausea for the first half hour when the ND ring arrived - after four years selling the Tools!).

It seems that depending upon which end is directed towards the body, the energy flows differently. For instance held over the head, one either feels energy emerging upward like a tunnel or energy flowing into the body as if grounding the person using it.


Some initial feedback on the New Dimension ring:

"When I use / carry the New Dimension ring, I have a strong energy sense of the 8th chakra (i.e. the one immediately above the crown), and the energy starts there, and then starts to work its way down through all the lower chakras (crown to heart).

I didn't experience any nausea, although I did experience a wave of sadness a few hours after first carrying it - I think there is a clearing / adjustment which happens, which is probably different for different people.

I have a sense that the New Dimension ring resonates directly with Divine Will... which is probably why your experiences recently with manifesting worked so well, because when the energies are setting up from that level, things flow easily and effortlessly. Based upon working with them, I feel that the Sacred ring steps Divine Will down to the physical / emotional levels, and the Lost ring steps DW down to the emotional / mental levels. But with the New Dimension ring there is no step down, you're plugged directly into that level.

Now, for a healer, this is very useful, because if a person has an energy block either on the physical or emotional or mental levels, a New Dimension ring would allow you to put in healing "over the top" of the block, so that it could work its way down.

Playing with it over the weekend, I have found that a) it prefers to work with enhancing a positive quality (e.g. increasing unconditonal love) rather than removing a negative quality (e.g. transforming anger).

Also New Dimension rings work very well with colour therapy tools - dual colour bottles, coloured gels etc.

New Dimension Tools