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The workshop provides theoretical information on Geopathic stress zones; teaches Slim's dowsing technique for finding these zones and demonstrates how to neutralize them. Participants go outside and practice both. We also share the work done with Slim's Light-Life® tools on environmental clearing work and the use of all the tools for Earth and body healing work. There is also time for hands-on practice for participants.

Typical 1-day Workshop timetable

The first session provides an introduction to Geobiology and in particular Geopathic Stress lines. In this session Aranya explains what they are and introduces the theory behind them, including how to find them. He uses real-life examples where diverting such lines brought about improvements not only in people's health, but also in areas as diverse as business problems, planning issues, and even smoothing out stormy relations with neighbours.
11.30am-1.00pm The second session is a practical one, going outside where Aranya demonstrates how to dowse for Geopathic Stress lines. All participants get a set of dowsing rods (to keep) and to practice with themselves. Aranya also demonstrates how to put rods into the ground in order to block these harmful lines.
After lunch, the focus is on the Light-Life tools - how Slim Spurling invented them, the theory behind them and all the various applications that people have found for them.
4.00-5.30pm The remainder of the afternoon provides an opportunity for everyone to play with the Light Life Tools and to practice on each other. There will also be plenty of time to buy the Tools at the breaks and after the workshop, all participants being eligible for a 5% discount on any purchased on the day.


Upcoming Workshops

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