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In the Mind of a Master

In the Mind of a Master

In the Mind of a Master book coverby Susan Anderson

From his early beginnings back in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Slim’s life was quite a ride. This remarkable man was tuned into life in a whole different way. He was a walking, talking, living example of whatever it is about the “Pioneer Spirit” that we have lost touch with. Slim was also a visionary and a genius, who knew since he was a child that anything is possible.

“In the Mind of a Master” is the new book that replaces 'Slim Spurling's Universe". It will guide you in the applications of Slim's Tools in developing a deeper connection to life and truth. His Light-Life (tm) Harmonizers are known to raise conscious awareness allowing you to attain greater focus.

Comprehensive support for the shift mankind expects in 2012 and beyond is offered. Slim Spurling's Tools have been helpful to many people in improving their health, decreasing stress, reducing the necessity for chemicals in the home, calming severe weather and cleaning the environment.

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