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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common things we've been asked. Hopefully the answers will clarify these things for you too.

What is the difference between the sacred and lost cubit sizes?

The Light-Life ® Tools are manufactured in three different cubit measurements based on sacred geometry. They include Sacred Cubit, Lost Cubit and New Cubit; the larger the unit, the larger its resulting energy field. The Light-Life® Tools are also produced in different wire gauges.

Sacred Cubit: The Sacred Cubit length was the first measurement used in the construction of the Light-Life® Tools. It is taken from the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and is the measurement of the perimeter of the "boss" - the little projection of stone 72.1 inches above the floor of the King's Chamber. This unit of measurement is used throughout the pyramid and is a standard unit, like a foot or a yard. It is equivalent to 20.6 inches and has a natural resonant frequency of 144 MHz, which is a harmonic of light speed. The Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Ring is known to have an impact on 3-dimensional or physical conditions. Water placed inside a Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Ring appears to cleanse your body of toxins.

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What is the difference between the plain copper tools and the gold and silver plated versions?

The Light-Life ® Tools are all (except for the sterling silver tools) crafted out of copper, then they are either plated with silver and/or 24K gold. In addition, subtle audio frequencies known to produce healing effects and that have other beneficial qualities are embedded into all of the tools as they are being made.

Copper: Copper is a metal that has, according to Slim, the ability to transmute cosmic energy into life force energy. Its natural tendency to oxidize with age gradually boosts its power.

Copper Plated with Precious Metals: The gold-plated Light-Life® Tools begin with copper, are coated with a layer of silver and a layer of 24K gold. The 24K gold plating adds a higher frequency due to the structure of its atom in the crystal as it is applied onto the tools.

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Why Do The Tools Cost As Much As They Do?

This is an email Slim Spurling sent on March 15, 2007 to a customer concerned about the prices for the Harmonizers.

“Good Evening P

The Harmonizers require a 42-step process to construct.  They are carefully handcrafted by our finest craftspeople one at a time.  The measurements are to three decimal points of accuracy to ensure precise frequencies in each unit, which correspond to the natural frequency harmonics of the sacred cubit and the planet.

Since I cannot possibly produce all the Harmonizers needed to meet the expanding demand, we have had to train and employ high quality craftsmen to fulfill customer orders.  We pay a corresponding wage for the best craftsmen, and have the usual business expenses to deal with.  Metal prices have skyrocketed in the past year, along with the tripling and quadrupling of copper, silver, and gold – not to mention the 30% drop in the value of the dollar.  This has forced us to buy in larger quantities to ensure a sufficient supply of materials on hand.

The silver and gold plating are of the highest quality – 24 carat gold and .9999 fine silver.  These two precious metals add their own subtle healing frequencies, and have been found to increase the effectiveness of the Tools several times over.  This is a result of the thermocouple effect of joining dissimilar metals.

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How big a Harmoniser should I get?

The bigger the Harmoniser, the bigger and stronger the field around it. However, smaller is obviously more portable and the personal harmoniser was specifically designed to go everywhere with you; even though its field is a lot smaller, you're always inside it. The field of an Environmental Harmoniser is big enough to cover a large American house and garden, so perfectly adequate for most homes. The Community Harmoniser (formerly known as the Agricultural Harmoniser) is for those with farms or who wish to affect their environment a little further afield.

Personal Harmonisers

Depending on the size of the Personal Harmoniser, they affect an area of between 5 and 20 feet around and through our bodies. As the Harmoniser energy travels through us, following the meridian channels, it will work its way gently through the body from head to toe. It appears that a user's personal bio-field is being strengthened and enhanced by the life force energies. All Personal Harmonisers come with one a 1/2 Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Ring to recharge it.

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With all this choice, how do I know which of the Tools will help me best?

I think the simplest guide is to ask which ones you feel most drawn to. Which seem the most exciting. Let your intuition guide you. If you're still feeling lost, start with getting something simple like a ring or coil and see how you get on with those.

Can I harm myself with any of the Tools?

Well, anything made of metal will hurt if thrown hard enough, but the fields of the tools can only work in a beneficial way. Some of Slim's early inventions had safety issues, particularly the powered ones (read his book for more details), but taking them back to the drawing board and discovering that twisting the wire removed the problem of polarity, meant that the tools we have today are at their very worst, harmless.

Are the Tools always working?

It seems to me that they are, though in my own experience they are far more effective when we interact with them. Cal Garrison in her book about Slim, described the rings as a direct line to the universe, in other words they carry our intentions. They are clearly aerials (compare them to the circular aerials old portable TVs had) and resonate at specific frequencies. Radio and TV use carrier waves to transmit information and I suspect that the rings work in the same way. So a Harmoniser left running in the corner will be doing a good job, but interact with it (think pushing a child on a swing) and you'll get much more out of it. The soundrepeater is a great device (and I use one at home), but having to regularly turn on a CD forces us to interact more.

I also get the sense that we won't ultimately need the Tools, but that they hold beneficial frequencies and support us in the same way stabilisers on a bicycle do when we're young. One day we won't need them and we'll be able to hold those frequencies ourselves all the time. In the meantime, they are proving to be valuable in keeping us healthy and on track in our hectic modern world.