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Slim dowsing Geopathic stress lines at the Bournemouth workshop 2005The Science...

Definition: The study of the effect of earth radiation on living organisms. Related studies are Feng Shui, Earth acupuncture, Geomancy and Gridwork.

Dowsing for geopathic stress was the launch pad for the discovery of the energies and uses of the Light-Life-Tools as Functional Art Forms. Dowsing with L-rods, pendulum, or merely with the bare hands, is the method used to locate and identify several types of Geopathic stress lines, i. e. Hartmann-grid, Curry-grid, general geopathic lines, personal and interference lines.

A very simple method of using copper clad iron, brass, stainless steel or copper wires was developed in 1993 to divert or neutralize these lines from homes and business. Other techniques using a single magnet and the Functional Art Form of the Harmonizer were discovered and successfully applied by students in The Geobiology Research Association. This Association is a loosely knit group of students graduated from our introductory training workshop consisting of a two-day intensive in a relaxed atmosphere with instruction in the principles and much hands-on practice.

Dowse it Yourself

An introductory training video is available.

Dowse it yourself DVDOn this DVD Aranya teaches Slim Spurling's method for locating the main types of geopathic stress and demonstrates how to remove their effects from your home or workplace.

Using a real house case study, he demonstrates how to make your own dowsing rods, how to hold them and how to best frame your questions. Then he sets off to find four different types of geopathic stress, explaining their causes and how removing their influences can improve your health, realtionships, business and more.

This very practical DVD will inform and empower you to clear any geopathic stress from your own property.

Aranya also shares a simple technique to help you see the energy web that surrounds us and connects all things.

This DVD is PAL format and region-free and should play on all DVD players.

DVD replication and environmentally friendly packaging supplied by HDC Media.
(Outer packaging 100% recycled card. PaperFoam tray derived from renewable resources and is 100% biodegradable).


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Geopathic Stress

Geobiology/Geopathic Stress and its effect on Human Health

Problems and Solutions

by Michael Stodola

Geobiology is a study of the influence of "earth energies" on all forms of life. The earth is threaded with energy lines or meridians of electromagnetic energy that have a powerful influence on living things. Scientists have proven this invisible energy passes through all matter, affecting every living system on the planet, in either a negative or positive way. Man is an electromagnetic creature with every cell in the living system an electrical battery. The electrical system is reflected even more subtly as the human aura that is a photographable and measurable electrical field.

Aranya dowsing at the Bournemouth workshop 2005Recognizing these phenomena, geobiologists work to ensure that the area where people live in is clear of "geopathic stress" or zones of energy which conflict with, or cause harm to living organisms. People correctly assume that this work is similar to the oriental practice of "feng shui". The main difference is that the geobiologist works with dowseable negative energy lines and fields that he or she then interrupts or neutralizes to clean up the environment. This may be termed energy balancing and it address only those negative aspects that harmfully interact with the electromagnetic world around our biomagnetic bodies. So, bodily stress is often caused by a geobiological stimulus; thus the term geopathic stress. A partial list of Geopathic Stress would include sleep disorders, tingling, numbness and or pain in arms and legs, chronic fatigue, aching and swelling, dizziness, frequent headaches, vision problems, disorientation, memory loss, instability, stress, nausea, inability to heal, allergies, problematic menstrual cycles, anxiety, listlessness, resistance to medical treatment, inability to absorb vitamins and minerals, ADD, hyperactivity, depression and a general feeling of malaise.

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